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What Is Aesthetic Medicine?

Aesthetic medicine is a medical speciality, which uses a range of non -surgical or minor surgical procedures performed to restore, enhance or modify the appearance, physiology or anatomy of cutaneous, subcutaneous tissues or associated structures. The treatment plan uses techniques which take into consideration both the medical as well as aesthetic concerns of the patient. 

Aesthetic medical procedures should be carried out only by a registered medical and dental practitioner, trained in aesthetics, to ensure safety. RIAMS aims to provide doctors and dentists with sufficient information to enable them to make an informed decision about which aesthetic treatment may be right for their patients.

What does a Career in Aesthetic Medicine Offer?
Careers in aesthetic medicine can be incredibly rewarding. It is a medical sub-speciality which allows medical and dental practitioners to draw upon many skills which they have learned during their undergraduate education. The Medical Aesthetics industry is continuously growing every year on year. The global aesthetic medicine market size was valued at USD 63.5 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.6% from 2022 to 2030.
A large number highly skilled and experienced medical professionals are incorporating aesthetics into their existing practice to further enhance their career. This has also led to an expansive growth in the number of younger generation of medical and dental practitioners enrolling onto further courses in aesthetic medicine.
One of the biggest attractions of a career in aesthetics is the flexibility the field offers. You can add aesthetics in to your existing practice or start a clinic on just few days each week. It is possible to obtain good profitable revenues depending on which treatments are administered, without the hassle of working long hours, night shifts and emergencies.
The flexibility associated with a career in aesthetic medicine means it’s often possible to practice in multiple hospitals and clinics. Though those with an entrepreneurial streak may choose to take the plunge into aesthetics as a full time career by running their own clinic. There is incredible job satisfaction in a successful practice in aesthetics. Patients attending aesthetic clinics are often seeking treatment which they chose to undergo, so patient satisfaction after treatment is more often than not, extremely high .
Why is training essential?
In order to achieve success in any career dedication and hard work is required, and success for individuals embarking on careers in aesthetic medicine is no different. The profession of medicine is particularly known for requiring a great deal of extensive training for improving and mastering skills. Safe and responsible practice is an issue and value close to many of our hearts, yet many aesthetic professionals are practicing on patients and delivering treatments without obtaining regulated or audited qualifications.
Any medical professional wishing to embark upon a career in aesthetics must first undergo an internationally standardised training course. Upon completion of such a course in aesthetics, you are better equipped with the skill and knowledge to begin practising and delivering treatments to patients. As delegates enrolling in aesthetic medicine already hold an undergraduate qualification in either Medicine or Dentistry, they discover that though training in aesthetic procedures like lasers, prp, botox and dermal fillers is challenging, but achievable.
Where are the courses conducted?
The training courses are all conducted at RECON INSTITUTE OF AESTHETIC MEDICINE & SURGERY (RIAMS) in Gurugram, INDIA.
What are the advantages of doing CBAM’s Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine?

CBAM is an international board dedicated to providing high quality aesthetic education in the field of aesthetic medicine.

  • CBAM trains only health care professionals.
  • The CBAM international faculty includes physicians and other practitioners who are the most experienced experts in different branches of aesthetic medicine.
  • CBAM’s training curriculum and hands-on practice guidelines are in accordance with Canadian standards.
  • CBAM has undergone several inspection by various international bodies and is fully accredited.
  • At RIAMS you can train in accordance with Canadian standards, without the added expense of International travel.
What are the eligibility criteria for enrolment in the Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine?

ELIGIBILITY: Registered medical and dental professionals.

  • Doctors (MBBS, MS/MD, DNB, MCh)
  • Dentists (BDS/MDS)
What is the process for registration for CBAM’s Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine?
You can start the process by filling the registration form on the RIAMS website (CLICKABLE, OPENS REGISTRATION FORM). To register for the scheduled training, please visit our online course calendar at https://aestheticadvancements.com/course-calendar/.
You will then receive an email as well as a call from the centre guiding you through the rest of the registration process.
What is the course fee?

Please visit the courses page on the website . Additionally you can call us on +91 9990824447 / +91 9990824443

Can I pay my course fee in instalments?

The full course fee must be paid to confirm your registration in the course. It is thereafter that your secured id and password from CBAM is generated. However, you are welcome to pay an initial amount to book your seat for a particular course schedule and then remainder of the course fee before the course starts. One gets 10% scholarship if paid 100% in one shot.

Do you ever offer discounts on the course fee?

We have a Merit Scholarship exam, based on the result one gets a scholarship from 10% to 25% on the Tuition fees.

What is your cancellation policy?


  • If the candidate wishes to cancel due to any reason, 50% deduction if done within 2 weeks of registering for the course
  • No refund will be issued against cancellation after 2 weeks from the registration date.
  • No refund will be issued if the delegate does not attend the hands on part of the training course.
  • The cancellation amount will be refunded within 8 weeks.
What are the next steps after I complete the registration process? How soon can I get started?

Online and Virtual sections

There are 8 courses which are delivered in this section.

Your access to the online materials will remain until 6 months after registration.

In-class Practical Course

This includes the in-class hands-on section of the course which lasts for 4 days and is held at RIAMS in Gurugram, INDIA. During these 4 day practical courses, hands-on training on the following is given:

Basic Aesthetic Injectables, Advanced Aesthetic Injectables, PRP, Mesotherapy, Microneedling, Laser treatments and more.

STEP 2 is the Advanced Aesthetic Fellowship Program

Length: 30 hours

During this 30 hours of small group fellowship, the practitioners will gain more experience in the field by visiting more number of patients. This 30 hour fellowship program is a necessary step in the process of Board Certification in order to prove the graduates have adequate hands-on experience and skills in aesthetic field.

What can I do to make sure I’m prepared for the practical training at RIAMS?
You will be provided with all the required customised study material required for the course, to acquaint and prepare you for your training. The practical part of the course will also be taught to you from the basic to the advanced level. The course is self-sufficient and you do not need any extra preparation for the course.
How many delegates will be attending each session of the practical class? What is the group size?
For optimising your learning experience, we form small batches per training session, comprising of not more than 10-12 trainees. They are further divided into smaller batches for their hands-on sessions and advanced aesthetics fellowship program. Small class sizes allow for a more comfortable setting along with a more in depth hands on training. This allows our instructors to spend time with each student focusing on their strengths and weaknesses.
Do I need to bring a model with me?
We will offer models for the hands-on portion of the course for all procedures and techniques. Models receive a discounted price for all injections, and treatments.
We also give an opportunity to the participants to bring along their own model to work on, as they can see the effect of the treatment over time.
We only administer FDA approved products dispensed and stored as per FDA regulations. Our products are ordered directly from the pharmaceutical companies.
Is the training really hands on?

Yes, there is extensive hands on training. The course is taught in very small groups (maximum 3 participants per model) with intensive hands-on and endless opportunities to ask questions.

Is there an examination or assessment at the end of the course?
At the end of the training, you will undergo an MCQ based theoretical exam. The questions in this exam includes all the materials which are taught in online and also during in-class programs.
The exam will also be based on practical clinical cases and scenarios. It is to evaluate your focus during the course and to judge your acquired decision making and skill. After passing the MCQ exam, your faculty(ies) will assess your performance and practical skills during the training program and sign your evaluation sheet and submit it to the CBAM head office.
What certificate will I get at the end of the course?

Graduates who successfully pass the MCQ exam and get a positive evaluation will receive a certificate of CBAM Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine. Please note that this is an online certificate. Students who would like to receive the hard copy of the Diploma will have to pay an extra amount of $150 USD as the printing and mailing fees from CBAM’s head office in Canada.

What Can I Expect After Training? Will I be able to provide these services immediately after taking the course?
We advise delegates that they should start right away so that they can immediately incorporate their new knowledge base into their practice, whilst training and knowledge is still fresh. Most practitioners begin by treating family and friends to begin with if possible.
However, one must remember that perseverance is key. Delegates should not have unrealistic expectations. Like any other skill, you need dedication, and practice to make aesthetics a successful career.
RIAMS philosophy is to train the students for future high quality practices. We takes pride in providing our students the quality didactic course material, interactive sessions and our students get ample true hands-on experience on the models, all under the guidance of instructors with many years of teaching experience.
We will provide you with all the information required to get started including equipment providers, prescription formats, consent form formats, product suppliers and clinical waste details. We aim to provide you with the skills and confidence required to start or grow an aesthetic practice. If you have any specific questions or concerns you may contact us via email or phone.
Is lunch included in the course fee?

Lunch is always included with every course. You will also be provided with refreshments including tea, coffee and snacks throughout the day. Please do let us know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements.

Is accommodation included in the course fee?

No. Being the cosmopolitan heart of India, Gurugram has no shortage of hotel accommodation choices across all price ranges.

I have more questions. Can someone at RIAMS answer any more doubts that I have?

Yes, our training team is available by phone or email and will attempt to assist you with any questions that you may have regarding the course.

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